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Gregory J. Boots

Esq., CFEd®

Greg works with clients nationwide on executive wealth accumulation, non-qualified plans, retirement income planning and college funding.  He is one of the country’s leading experts in Privatized Banking, an innovative strategy that leverages life insurance for tax minimization and long term liquidity.

He has written numerous books and articles on the topic of Privatized Banking and spends several months of each year traveling the country, teaching asset protection and tax planning strategies to thousands of licensed professionals and investors.

As a licensed attorney, a Certified Financial Educator (CFEd®), a licensed insurance agent (LIA) and holder of numerous securities’ licenses, Greg is uniquely qualified to help clients with innovative tax minimization and cutting-edge wealth building strategies.

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Here’s what Greg’s clients are saying:

Although Greg is always available and helpful in all areas when we need him, we directly work with him on our qualified retirement plan and life insurance.  We find him to be extremely knowledgable and an awesome teacher when he is explaining anything from different options to ongoing services.  Greg has a way of simplifying complicated subjects.  He also is a good listener so he understands our goals and life style and never presents a one-size-fits-all solution.

Greg has been assisting with my estate planning and entity structuring needs for several years. He is very knowledgable, responsive, and always has my best long term interest in mind. Not only has he assisted with my personal asset protection, he has also set up living trusts for family members I have recommended throughout the years. Having someone with his knowledge who genuinely puts his clients first is hard to come by. Thank you, Greg, for all of the guidance you continue to provide!

Greg has the great ability to take complex issues such as taxes, legal mumbo jumbo, and retirement situations and makes them easily understandable. Then he offers recommendations and solutions to these issues. As our business grew he established the proper corporate structures, LLC’s and corporations to protect our assets, provide health care, reduce taxes as well as providing retirement planning. Based on my recommendation co-workers and relatives have also used his services. Everyone has been extremely pleased.

Over the last several years Greg Boots has been a leader of an awesome team that helped us to form 3 companies, create estate planning, set up a qualified retirement plan through our corporation, and purchase life insurance that will act as a tax-free annuity in later years.  When we first started, all of this was new to us and we had a lot to learn about what was best for our situation.

Due to my extended work hours I have sent Greg e-mails late Friday night expecting him to respond on Monday or at his convenience. It is not unusual for him to respond on Saturday with an e-mail or a phone call. He has even answered our questions/concerns while on vacation. I guarantee you will be more than pleased with his service. My wife puts is simpler, “He walks on water”. If you don’t believe me read his book “The Vault” and see for yourself. On top of it all Greg is a very humble person that is truly genuine you will like him.

Greg has helped us navigate starting and running our corporation and profit sharing plan these last 6 years. He was patient and willing to answer all our questions at a number of meetings. He is easy to talk with and share new business ideas. He provided straight forward business guidance in areas we were uncertain. We look forward to working with Greg in the future.

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